VALCHLOR® (mechlorethamine) gel is an alkylating drug indicated for the topical treatment of Stage IA and IB mycosis fungoides–type cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (MF-CTCL) in patients who have received prior skin-directed therapy

VALCHLOR application and storage

VALCHLOR is for topical use only. It is a cytotoxic drug with special handling and disposal procedures.

VALCHLOR gel self-application offers flexibility for patient use1

Apply once daily to dry skin icon

Apply once daily to dry skin

Wash hands with soap and water after touching/applying

Caregivers must wear disposable nitrile gloves when applying and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after removal of gloves. If there is accidental exposure to VALCHLOR, caregivers must immediately wash exposed areas thoroughly with soap and water and remove contaminated clothing

Stop treatment for any grade of skin ulceration, blistering, or moderately severe or severe dermatitis

A small amount as a thin layer icon

Apply a small amount as a thin layer

Apply to completely dry skin 4 hours before or 30 minutes after showering or bathing

Must apply immediately or 30 minutes after removal from the refrigerator. Return VALCHLOR to the refrigerator immediately after each use

Let dry for 5 to 10 minutes icon

Let dry for 5 to 10 minutes

Treated area should be allowed to dry before covering with clothing

Occlusive (air or water-tight) dressings should not be used on areas of the skin where VALCHLOR was applied

Can be disposed of in household trash icon

Can be disposed of in household trash

Unused VALCHLOR gel, empty tubes, and used application gloves should be discarded in household trash in a manner that prevents accidental application or ingestion by others, including children and pets

VALCHLOR should be stored in the refrigerator1

  • Store at a temperature between 36ºF and 46ºF (2ºC and 8ºC)
  • Apply immediately or within 30 minutes after removal from the refrigerator. Return to refrigerator immediately after use
  • Keep VALCHLOR in its original box and away from food
  • Unused product should be thrown away after 90 days
  • Keep VALCHLOR gel out of the reach of children and pets


Remind patients that:

  • It may take several months of appropriate use to see desired results with VALCHLOR1-3
  • Dermatitis may occur with VALCHLOR. Let patients know that these may be managed with dose modifications. Patients should tell their healthcare provider if they experience skin irritation1
  • VALCHLOR should be kept away from eyes, mouth, and nose. If accidentally exposed, rinse for at least 15 minutes with large amount of water (normal saline or eye wash solution for eye exposure) and get medical help right away1
  • Patients should notify their physician of any new skin lesions and undergo periodic assessment for signs and symptoms of skin cancer. Non-melanoma skin cancers have been reported in 2% of patients receiving VALCHLOR, some of whom had received prior therapies known to cause non-melanoma skin cancer. Non-melanoma skin cancer may occur at multiple areas, including areas not treated with VALCHLOR1
  • Females should not breastfeed during treatment with VALCHLOR1
  • Women should avoid pregnancy while using VALCHLOR. Males with female partners of reproductive potential should use a barrier method of contraception while using VALCHLOR1